Delaying That Climax

Well my novel is progressing well.  Too well in fact – a part of me doesn’t want it to end.  But it is nearing its end – the end of the telling of the story, at least.  As a work of art, there is still quite a bit to do.

Thus far, I have a huge Word document, slightly formatted (though Word keeps inserting these damned section breaks where I don’t want them), at 107 pages long.  There are just over 45,000 words written, encompassing 6 chapters.  The story has hit its full arc, and now I only have two chapters to go.  It should cap out at about 60-70K words.

Those two sections are basically the climax and the afterglow, as it were.  I just finished the 6th chapter, after over 4 hours of steady writing today (following 5 hours yesterday as well).  I’ve set everything up, and while I have given away some of the answers floating around my head, I think I’ve saved up enough activity and story telling for the denouement.

But even aside from these final two chapters, there is a lot of work to go.  Basically I think the art is the first half of the project, the craft is the second.  I need to create names for the majority of the characters, something I have delayed thus far.  I also have two appendices floating through my head which will help round out the story with some detail, which I want to get down as well.

Then of course there’s the editing.  I have had several offers for editing, but really have more been in the overall feedback phase of this.  I need to re-read the book, beginning to end, flagging anything that seems off story-wise: repairing timeline and story inconsistencies,  smoothing out some of the rough details.  Basically fill in some of the holes left open in the process.

Then another pass for grammar and all that other shit.  Making sure my words give the right picture.  All that crap.

So here’s what I’m thinking.  It’s Tuesday.  I think I’m ready to print this puppy out and sit with it, red pen in hand.  Again, not dealing with the grammar, but wordsmithing throughout.  I need to make some notes all the way through, on actual hard copy, re-familiarizing myself with the details. I have taken some notes as I’ve gone along, but I need to read more carefully this time through.

Then I think I’ll be prepared to write the ending, tying up all the loose ends.  Take a pause for the cause, as it were.  Then after all that, doing the real editing, and getting it finalized for an attempt at showing it to a wider range of people.

To that end, to those of you who know me personally, send me a note (not here, my at my personal email, on Facebook, whatever) and I’ll be happy to share what I have so far.  Again – if you do want to provide feedback, right now I need to know any story holes, or any creative wordsmithing you see.

For example, my brother suggested some Hellish replacements for the phrase “24/7” – ideas like that would be spectacular, as those are the things I am hoping to accomplish during this next phase.

So, we’re nearing end-game here people.  I am so not looking forward to the next steps, essentially trying to sell the darned thing, but I do honestly think the story is very strong, and the story-telling is at least pretty good.  So I’m just trying to focus on all that for now – let the story come out and worry about the other crap later.

Keep in touch!


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