Happy New Year

Well, a very merry 2010 to all of you. 

Despite what many may think, 2009 was actually a very good year for me.  Sure, I lost my job, but so far that has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  And if 2010 lives up to even half of my expectations, then the layoff will turn out to be a great gift indeed.

I have several opportunities for work: one great opportunity up in New York, seeing as how I have a close relative in senior management at just about the most desirable organization in the country, I have another hugely strong supporter in a former boss now at a competitive player in the industry, and just maybe, enough experience to find a gig in some completely new path I can’t even foresee.

Thanks to my incredibly supportive wife, and a very generous separation package from the old life (which by now is drifting further into the past), I’m not feeling terrible pressure.  Sure, I’d like to start to work again, and with the year new and fresh, it’s a great time to start kicking into gear.  But I’ve also enjoyed these few months – writing, playing the guitar, and basically living on my own terms. 

So as 2010 progresses, let’s follow a journey that will hopefully see some exciting changes.  Maybe a new job – possibly in a new city or industry – or even a writing career?  Who knows?

And that’s what’s so exciting about the new year.  I’ve never been one for resolutions – at least not ones aimed around a certain date on the calendar.  My style has generally been more to prepare myself properly and, when ready, to resolve, well, whatever.  But the new year for me has always brought a kind of fresh start – a clean page on which to record my journey.  What’s done last year is done.  Everyone has moved out of the old office and is firmly entrenched in the new one – a place I’ve (consciously) never seen.  Another chance for a fresh start, another chance not to let the past drag me down with it.

So I am optimistic.  I can’t help but keep thinking that a big year awaits.  I wish the same for all of you as well.


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