Another Week, Another Dozen Applications

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Image by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr

I thought I’d give an update for those of you following the saga that is my career.

Things have been moving along at pace lately, and just as it had been – namely in every direction at once.  I’ve been moving forward with business school applications – I’ve started drafting my essays, and plan to have the first application submitted completely within two weeks (for a March 1 deadline).  I also have appointments with a couple of other schools in the area as well, and I am still hopeful of securing a spot somewhere decent.

I have continued to apply for jobs as well – I’ve had a few phone interviews, with two progressing beyond that stage (though still ending in a negative).  I do have several irons in the fire, with more added each day – the job hunt really is a marathon, and you need to keep moving forward even when you don’t have the energy for another rejection.  You need to keep positive, sure of yourself, even if that isn’t your native style.  You must continue to pick up your feet, keep them moving forward, no matter how tired they are.

I’ve been doing a few more bibliometric analyses as well – some interesting stuff, actually, one or two of which I may be able to publish here soon.  It’s nice to keep the brain exercised.  To that end, I’ve also started doing some online freelance work – readers may have noted several oDesk badges on my professional profile page, noting my qualifications at various business areas as determined by standardized tests.  It’s not been much, and the money has been even less, but having a few writing assignments a week is really helping keep my writing chops fresh.

Finally, I’ve turned the job search into more of a targeted effort.  While it’s been nice to get hundreds of job openings shown to me every week, I’ve found that the targeted approach is much more efficient.  There are a few interesting articles out there, and I hope to write a little piece about this soon – it’s certainly not your father’s job search.

Well, that’s about it for now – stay tuned next week for another exciting installment!

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