Another Milestone, Amid Mixed Metaphors

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A rainy Monday morning and despite the number of times I have told you not to get discouraged, here I sit in a dangerous place. 

I do still have irons in the fire – some are fairly warm too – but still nothing as far as I would like it to be, let alone hot and raring to go.  And it’s nearing the time when I will have to take a J-O-B job – in fact, my first interview for one of those is coming up today.  And I couldn’t be less happy.

Of course I was hoping to avoid this completely – considering one of the vague non-career business opportunities out there.  I was confident that I could secure at least a decent office job – if not at my previous level, then one with the opportunity to grow back to that level in a reasonable period of time. 

Those were the irons I had hoped to use.

Unfortunately, it’s getting to that time where I will have to find work, even if it is not in my career path.  So I am putting some more irons in the fire.  But these irons, while heating quickly, don’t promise to do nearly as satisfying a job as the real professional irons I have simmering.

So what to do?

Well, the first trick is not to get discouraged.  As hard as it may seem, this is not the end of the world.  In the worst-case scenario, I am bagging groceries and still trying to massage opportunities, trying to get back to where I was.  Even if I do have to settle for one of these generic positions (and it won’t be bagging groceries, I’m pretty damned sure) then I will still have the ability to go one with what I have been doing, building a Web presence, taking on consulting work, and stoking the fire under the other irons.

(School is happening too, but that’s another story.  Soon, my readers, soon.)

But all that above is under the worst case.  We haven’t reached that point yet.

What I am doing is testing the waters (and mixing metaphors, but it’s a rainy Monday morning), trying to find the least objectionable of the non-career path opportunities that have arisen for me.

I won’t have to jump at the first one – I do still have time – but unfortunately, I have reached another milestone in my journey.  At the risk of adding a third metaphor into the bundle, I will try to choose a path as sensible as possible, one keeping my true path in sight, and not TOO far ahead of me.  I can also keep my eyes open for new paths – ones I may not have considered – and all the while I’ll be trying to stop and smell the roses along the way.

So wish me luck – maybe today’s interview will sell me on the job and it won’t be nearly as bad as I dread.  Maybe it will be, but something else will suddenly heat up.  Maybe none of those things will happen and I will have to accept a crummy job, just to ensure that my family is fed.  That too will be alright.  As long as I keep the right attitude, then things cannot get that bad.

Remember to stop and smell the roses. 

Oh, and not to mix your metaphors.

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