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Doug Newman is a proven, results-driven professional, with experience at multiple facets of product management and strategic marketing.  With expertise in Pricing, Market Segmentation and Business Analysis, Doug brings a unique balance of teamwork and “ownership” to any organization.  Doug has a strong work ethic, and is comfortable working with both senior management and customers, in addition to all internal departments, including Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Programming and more.

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 “Doug is a reliably outstanding contributor to the team.  His deep knowledge of the products and marketscape is invaluable.  He juggles an impressive workload against strict timelines, leading his team by example.  Doug can always be relied upon to convert strategy into clear action plans, and ensure they resolve successfully.”  Letter of Recommendation – VP level

“Doug’s desire to solve problems for the business, and bring innovative solutions to the table, is a rarity.  At this point in his career, his strengths are well-rounded.  Doug did a great job managing all iterative development rollout issues, and has done an outstanding job with pricing, an area of crucial importance.  He has paved the way for other business units to consider other pricing models, and has developed world class strategies, tools and processes.”  Annual Review – Senior Director level



  • Companies which need to introduce, or re-introduce, their product or service to the marketplace.
  • Businesses which need an intelligent solution to any market-facing situation.
  • Senior managers who need a reliable professional to own an internal or external challenge, and deliver results.






 2010 – PRESENT                                               CONSULTANT – JOURNAL ANALYSIS & STRATEGY

Provide strategic analysis and recommendations for over 100 journals for several scientific and medical publishers, using public data, internal data and citation data from ISI. 




1998 – 2009                                                        THOMSON REUTERS – INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION

2008-2009  SENIOR MANAGER, MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT;   Scholarly and Scientific Markets

*  Led team managing the launch and ongoing marketing activities for 4 research database product lines in key growth markets.  Generated over 10,000 leads, and touched over 20,000,000 prospects.  Starting annual revenue of $40MM grew 15% in 2008.  Top market grew 100%.

*  Managed market research projects into personna studies, pricing sensitivity, and value perceptions for all business markets – total annual revenue value $300MM.

*  Led all of the business unit’s pricing, business analysis and market segmentation initiatives.  Led portfolio optimization initiative, managing P&L and “sunset” activities to streamline the business.  Total annual revenue value $300MM.

*  Key member of Product Lifecycle Committee, determining positioning, marketing strategy, pricing and revenue projections for all SBU business markets.  Total projected 5-year revenue net $3BB.

*  Led PLEX (Product Launch and Enhancement eXchange) team managing communications, positioning and timing of all quarterly iterative product developments.  Managed all launch and rollout plans for new products.  Managed training of internal sales and marketing staff on new products and product enhancements. 

Product Management for all CD, Diskette and Print product lines. Complete lifecycle management – from inception to launch, delivery and sunset. Annual value of $20MM helped migrate customers to platform solution.

2002-2008  MANAGER, MARKET STRATEGY & ANALYSIS;  Academic and Government Strategic Marketing

*  Managed market strategy for selected products, new product launches and EMEA markets.  From product conception through market research, to positioning and marketing budget responsibilities.  Annual Revenue: $100MM annually, with a directive to ensure continued market-leading product position.

*  Launched 3 new products to market, in addition to launching interface overhaul to flagship product.  Product launches deemed “successful” with over $100K in first year for each product.  Flagship product re-launch received well by reviewers, saving market leadership position for this $250MM annual revenue generator.

*  Took sole ownership of all Global pricing, customer usage, market penetration and market segmentation activities.  Led initiatives to benchmark usage, formalize international tiered pricing, and manage market position for all business lines, to identify at-risk accounts, penetrate new markets and defend market position.  Managed reporting for all SBU management, sales support and marketing support purposes.  Led customer retention initiatives.  Analyzed selected competitors and market trends.

*  Member of a cross-functional management team to prioritize new business cases, with personal responsibility to determine pricing, revenue and revenue-loss-avoided opportunities for new business cases.  Business system process and procedure management.

Product Management for all CD, Diskette and Print product lines. Complete lifecycle management – from inception to launch, delivery and sunset. Annual value of $20MM helped migrate customers to platform solution.


2000-2002  MANAGER, BUSINESS ANALYSIS;  Asia-Pacific Markets

*  Led reporting and analysis activities during large expansion of Asia-Pacific presence.  Drove internationalization of data sharing, communication policies and operational strategies.  Managed all regular and Ad-Hoc reporting requirements for sales and management teams.

*  Identified and managed special pricing opportunities, underpenetrated market data, and market sizing research to drive new business opportunities.

*  Sat on cross-functional team to select and launch CRM ( solution for the business, and headed sub-committee responsible for process requirements.  Performed extensive in-person and Web Ex training for international sales management and teams. Administrator training and responsibilities.

*  Worked closely to support launch of Korea office.  Spending several months in Seoul, assisting country manager to understand historic business trends, build and access customer holdings databases, hire new employees, and train all staff on policies, procedures and support tools.

1998-2000   ASSOCIATE  MANAGER, SALES SUPPORT & MARKETING;  Asia-Pacific and Latin America Markets

*  Managed reporting and business analysis activities for sales management and reps.

*  Provided customer and agent support for regional offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Beijing.

*  Provided sales and marketing support materials and knowledge base for regional sales management and staff.

*  Coordinated marketing activities for regional Asia-Pacific and Latin America business units.  Managed marketing budget and ROI.

1998              MARKETING ADMINISTRATOR;  Asia-Pacific and Latin America Markets

*  Coordinated marketing activities for regional Asia-Pacific and Latin America business units. 

*  Supported launch of Web products in market.


Doug's areas of responsibility for different job titles



1996 – 1998                                                          DATABASE CONSULTANT

Perform database design, build and maintenance of customer CRM, holdings, financial and other datasets for the Institute for Scientific Information, Editorial and Asia-Pacific and Latin America Markets departments.



1992 – 1996                                                           BERGER & MONTAGUE, PC

1995-1996   LITIGATION PARALEGAL: Managed all documentation, and participated in discovery and analysis, of selected cases in both Securities and Antitrust sections of the firm.

1995-1996   SECURITIES ANALYST (backup): Monitored stock exchanges and news feeds to identify potential new business for securities section of the firm.

1992-1995   FILE COORDINATOR:  Implement and manage filing system for document management in large-volume environment.  Make copies, bind and organize files, distribute and organize filing cabinets.



1991 – 1992                                                             US ARMY

KOREAN LINGUIST: Studied Korean language (spoken and written), history and culture (40 hrs/week for 48 weeks)





English – native speaker, 95th Percentile GMAT Verbal Score (92nd Percentile overall)

Korean – conversational, literate

French/German/Spanish – reading proficiency





*  Pragmatic Marketing Institute – Product Management Certification, 2007

*  Professional Pricing Society – Pricing Professional Certification, 2006

* – Administrator Certification, 2004

*  Member of “Power Users Council” for MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook and (CRM)

*  Advanced user of Cognos, HTML, Visio, MS PowerPoint, MS Word




 oDesk Certified Business Professional   oDesk Certified Management Skills Manager   oDesk Certified Data Analysis Expert   oDesk Certified Business Plans Writer   oDesk Certified Business Plans & Marketing Strategy Consultant   oDesk Certified Business Writing Skills Writer   oDesk Certified Marketing Methods and Techniques Consultant   oDesk Certified Marketing Consultant   oDesk Certified Online Article and Blog Writer   oDesk Certified Marketing Terminology Consultant    oDesk Certified Office Skills Expert
oDesk Certified MS Excel 2007 Expert   oDesk Certified MS PowerPoint 2007 Expert   oDesk Certified MS Word 2007 Expert
oDesk Certified Technical Writing Expert   oDesk Certified Creative Writing Writer   oDesk Certified English Writer   oDesk Certified Writing Writer





The following Core Values are standard fields on Thomson Reuters personnel evaluation forms.  Doug consistently received top ratings in over 10 years of Annual Reviews, Performance Evaluations and Promotion Recommendations:

                                                                 Needs Much     Needs Some                                                                 Towering
                                                               Improvement    Improvement     At Standard      Strength       Strength

  1. Acting With Integrity:    ————————————————————————————————X———————-       (4.15/5.0 avg.)
  2. Building Relationships:  —————————————————————————————————X——————–       (4.2/5.0 avg.)
  3. Creating Strategic Direction:  —————————————————————————————————X————      (4.6/5.0 avg.)
  4. Developing Talent:  ——————————————————————————-X———————————————–        (3.1/5.0 avg.)
  5. Driving For Results:  ————————————————————————————————————-X—————         (4.4/5.0 avg.)
  6. Driving Innovation:  ——————————————————————————————————————–X——-         (4.7/5.0 avg.)
  7. Leading Change:  —————————————————————————————————X——————————         (3.9/5.0 avg.)
  8. Leveraging Business Acumen:  ——————————————————————————————-X——————-      (4.3/5.0 avg.)
  9. Managing Across Boundaries:  ———————————————————————————————————-X—–      (4.95/5.0 avg.)
  10. Thinking Like A Customer:  ——————————————————————————————–X———————–      (4.2/5.0 avg.)


 Read some of Doug’s professional posts, pertaining to Business Analysis, Product Management and Pricing.


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