A Sci-Fi Guide to Leadership (Kirk, Picard and Yoda … Oh My!)

The great Stars (Trek and Wars) do foretell our future – possibilities both positive and negative, and everywhere in between. What are we going to learn from them? How can we use the lessons they teach to bring us success?


The Changing Paradigm Of Corporate Survival

I’ve talked about how much things are changing for the job hunters out there – the prevalence of new technologies and the state of the economy (tied, not coincidentally, with the need for corporations to garner ever-increasing profit margins) is changing the way companies attack and follow-through on the hiring process. There are tons of … Continue reading

The Mystery Of The Interview

In this brave, new world of the 21st century job hunt, there is no milestone more crucial than landing that all-important interview. Of course there are many milestones in the process – from tweaking your resume to the final negotiations – but more attention is being given to the interview than any other area.  Why … Continue reading

Rules, Rules and More Rules

The rules in searching for a job (or landing that promotion, for those who already have gainful employment) continue to get more difficult.  Sure, the United States is seeing a supposed resurgence of employment in the first part of this year.  There’s been talk that the manufacturing industry even has a surplus of jobs – … Continue reading

Need Work? Learn How To Write Code

There is so much talk about the job market these days – sites like mine certainly don’t help – and it’s a wonder that the long-term unemployed don’t just throw their hands up in the air and quit outright. But the picture isn’t bleak for everyone.  Sure, if you are not white, have experience in … Continue reading

It’s All About The Data

So people keeping asking me about my new gig, and it’s really tough to explain, other than saying “I work with data. It’s all about the data.” It’s actually a really good fit for me, working with data in this way, and although it’s only been a matter of months, I am really enjoying this … Continue reading

Life In The Fishbowl – Nasty, Brutish and Short

It’s an odd thing, but as time has progressed, and I gain professional experience, I get less and less privacy in my work space. I think it is mostly the nature of the workplace these days, as opposed to saying anything about me, but as I sit in this fishbowl, listening to all of the … Continue reading

Defining Leadership – A Slippery Slope

Before reading the below, read this:  http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/14/opinion/cohn-pick-leaders/index.html As part of a business school application, I was asked “what is leadership?”  I think I answered that unanswerable question as well as I could, despite the fact that I did not get accepted into that school.  Now I read about how companies seem to be fair-to-middling at … Continue reading

Week One – A Journal

Monday Well, here it is, day one, and so far, not so bad. I don’t have much to compare it with, of course – other than PDE, I haven’t had a real “first day” in a VERY long time. (And of course there is little to base that on – just a few hours into … Continue reading

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here – A Commute Through The Nine Circles Of Hell

I am an old hand at commuting by Public Transportation – starting in Junior High School, I took city buses to school each day, and graduated on to subways, trolleys and other means as circumstances dictated.  I grew up in New York City, after all – a place where many adults never bother to obtain … Continue reading

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