Why I Am Loving My New Job

I have hit the three-month mark with this new job, and I have to say I am liking it a lot.  The people have been really nice, the work has been reasonably challenging and fulfilling, and the corporate zeitgeist is a pretty comfortable one for me.  But last week put it all over the top. … Continue reading

Hidden Obstacles Hindering Your Success At Landing That Job

With all of my talk lately about changing rules, changing paradigms, and changing jobs, readers might be feeling lost, out to sea, afloat at the mercy of the currents to destinations unknown. This post is not going to help alleviate that situation. It should come as no surprise that companies are out for themselves.  Not … Continue reading

Stop Hurting Yourself!

Okay, I admit it, I have been guilty of this in the past.  I have made my brother, my kids, and several other people over the years beat themselves up with their own hands.  It’s not a fact I am proud of, and I never took it too far, but yes, I have been guilty … Continue reading

The Changing Paradigm Of Corporate Survival

I’ve talked about how much things are changing for the job hunters out there – the prevalence of new technologies and the state of the economy (tied, not coincidentally, with the need for corporations to garner ever-increasing profit margins) is changing the way companies attack and follow-through on the hiring process. There are tons of … Continue reading

The Mystery Of The Interview

In this brave, new world of the 21st century job hunt, there is no milestone more crucial than landing that all-important interview. Of course there are many milestones in the process – from tweaking your resume to the final negotiations – but more attention is being given to the interview than any other area.  Why … Continue reading

Rules, Rules and More Rules

The rules in searching for a job (or landing that promotion, for those who already have gainful employment) continue to get more difficult.  Sure, the United States is seeing a supposed resurgence of employment in the first part of this year.  There’s been talk that the manufacturing industry even has a surplus of jobs – … Continue reading

Can You Spare Some Change?

I am starting a new job. That’s right – no more schlep to Harrisburg each day, a multi-hour commute into a place where I was doing fairly noble work for barely half of my former salary. No more Pennsyltucky rednecks (not to mention the one guy I am sure must be inbred, though he’s nice … Continue reading

What is Leadership?

Image via Wikipedia I was asked recently for my thoughts on leadership, what is it?  How do you recognize it? I certainly know when I meet someone with poor leadership qualities, but it is much more difficult to identify the crucial aspects of a good leader. Knowledge is certainly a prerequisite for a good leader. … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons I Am Grateful To Be Starting My New Job

For those of you keeping track, my new job starts in just six more days. I actually don’t know too much about what my working environs will be like going forward – except for my manager, I haven’t met any future colleagues, or even really seen the office space. Even so, I can anticipate a few of the things this new job will bring – a long daily commute, again being subjected to the schedule of others, and a (more strict than being at home) dress code I will have to follow, including shaving every day!

While I am certainly feeling some trepidation about starting a new job, there are a lot of items on the “pros” side of my list too. So with the goal of thinking positively, I decided to give you, David Letterman style, the Top 10 Reasons I Am Grateful To Be Starting My New Job:

A Bird In Hand

Just another update on Doug’s professional situation.

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