The Backdrop for the (Ongoing) Korean War

 The Korean War is heating up again.  The 1950-53 microcosm of the Cold War never truly ended, being resolved not with a peace treaty but with a cease fire. There have been several times over the years that things heated up, first under national founder Kim Il-Sung (The Great Leader), then under current national leader, Kim’s son … Continue reading

Chinese in Korean

The Korean language is so different from English, it really makes a fascinating study.  But to understand anything about Korean, it helps to understand a little Chinese. Most Westerners know that Chinese is written with pictographs.  A simple (or not so simple) character represents a concept, an idea.  The symbol 山, for example, means mountain in … Continue reading

How a White Guy Came to Speak Korean

Over the years, I’ve been asked many times how I came to speak Korean.  My favorite is when shopping for the wife at the Korean market – being a white guy who answers in complete Korean sentences is pretty much a rarity.  But over the years I’ve had the opportunity not only to surprise people, but … Continue reading

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