Contemplating My Novel

Well, I have finished my novel, and in between job applications, phone interviews, and the daily routine of life, I’ve been trying to figure out next steps for the book. I did wind up getting some feedback from friends and family on the book.  It was mostly positive, though there were two significant complaints: it … Continue reading

It’s Rough, Baby

Okay, it’s done.  The official first draft of my novel, Hell Incorporated, is done.  Several months of obsession are over, and I have a solid manuscript for my very first novel. Now sure, it’s rough.  And I mean ROUGH.  The grammar trips all over itself, there are still several visible seams from the various splices … Continue reading

Delaying That Climax

Well my novel is progressing well.  Too well in fact – a part of me doesn’t want it to end.  But it is nearing its end – the end of the telling of the story, at least.  As a work of art, there is still quite a bit to do. Thus far, I have a … Continue reading

Betwixt Art and Craft

Well, as this week draws to a close, it feels like my book is half done.  I finished off another chapter this week, and have passed the 30,000 word mark.  I did a lot of editing and tightening up of the thing today, adding some flow and some depth to the story by weaving some … Continue reading

My Novel Approach

During my daily writing, I found myself venting in humorous ways, and decided to turn those ventings into a story.  It now seems to me that, as time goes on, may even become a novel.  It’s basically the journal of a soul in Hell – a soul condemned to an eternity of office drudgery amidst the … Continue reading

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