Rules, Rules and More Rules

The rules in searching for a job (or landing that promotion, for those who already have gainful employment) continue to get more difficult.  Sure, the United States is seeing a supposed resurgence of employment in the first part of this year.  There’s been talk that the manufacturing industry even has a surplus of jobs – … Continue reading

It’s All About The Data

So people keeping asking me about my new gig, and it’s really tough to explain, other than saying “I work with data. It’s all about the data.” It’s actually a really good fit for me, working with data in this way, and although it’s only been a matter of months, I am really enjoying this … Continue reading

Defining Leadership – A Slippery Slope

Before reading the below, read this: As part of a business school application, I was asked “what is leadership?”  I think I answered that unanswerable question as well as I could, despite the fact that I did not get accepted into that school.  Now I read about how companies seem to be fair-to-middling at … Continue reading

A Brave New World?

Just a rant about Doug’s professional situation

To Change or Not To Change – Married Women Must Still Play The Game

Is it better for a married woman to use her maiden name, her married name or a hyphenated compromise? More choices just lead to more problems.

Subject Brief – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a listing of existing scholarly resources on the subject, followed by a citation analysis overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine as covered by the Web of Science.

Be Charitable!

By answering just a few questions you will enable the American Red Cross to deliver 2 minutes of aid to those in need. You need not donate any money, or any more of your own time.

Is This Business Planning To Fail? (A GMAT Practice Essay)

One of Doug’s GMAT practice essays – this time, with the topic: “Of all the cities in their region, Beaumont and Fletcher are showing the fastest growth in the number of new businesses. Therefore, Avia should establish a commuter route between them as a means of countering recent losses on its main passenger routes. And to make the commuter route more profitable from the outset, Avia should offer a 1/3 discount on tickets purchased within two days of the flight. Unlike tickets bought earlier, discount tickets will be nonrefundable, and so gain from their sale will be greater.”

Schools Teach More Than Just The Three R’s (A GMAT Practice Essay)

One of Doug’s GMAT practice essays – this time, with the topic: “Schools should be responsible only for teaching academic skills and not for teaching ethical and social values.”

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