Why Do You Have to Go to Work Daddy?

This is the first of a series of articles written for Yahoo Finance.  Read the full article here. When my kids were 4 and 2, I got laid off. It was a good job – although there had been quite a bit of travel at various points, it provided me ample opportunity to work from … Continue reading

Life In The Fishbowl – Nasty, Brutish and Short

It’s an odd thing, but as time has progressed, and I gain professional experience, I get less and less privacy in my work space. I think it is mostly the nature of the workplace these days, as opposed to saying anything about me, but as I sit in this fishbowl, listening to all of the … Continue reading

Week One – A Journal

Monday Well, here it is, day one, and so far, not so bad. I don’t have much to compare it with, of course – other than PDE, I haven’t had a real “first day” in a VERY long time. (And of course there is little to base that on – just a few hours into … Continue reading

Idle Hands: Patience Is A Virtue (or Why This Site Is So Quiet Lately)

Just another update on Doug’s professional situation

A Brave New World?

Just a rant about Doug’s professional situation

Limiting Vacation Time, Increasing Productivity – An Argument Gone Mad (A GMAT Practice Essay)

One of Doug’s GMAT practice essays – this time, with the topic: “Managers at our central office report that their employees tend to be most productive in the days immediately preceding a vacation. To help counteract our declining market share, we could increase the productivity of our professional staff members, who currently receive four weeks paid vacation a year, by limiting them to a maximum of one week’s continuous vacation time. They will thus take more vacation breaks during a year and give us more days of maximum productivity.”

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